America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School Cookbook: The Amateur’s Prayer in the Kitchen

Sometimes we all need a few tips and tricks to help us in the kitchen. Even having some master recipes under our belt would be helpful. I am an amateur cook and no where near perfecting it. I am still taking baby steps but I am still trying. Until then I have to rely on cookbooks for assistance. Hence my latest find and love in the cookbook section of my library, I highly recommend my latest find for the amateur cooks out there like me called America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School Cookbook.

This cook book talks about cooking every basic recipe from A to Z. It talks about how to prep ingredients, take care of equipment, and so much more on top of the recipes. It includes high resolutions photos as well, so that you can follow along with and easy to understand instruction. Most of the recipes are fool proof for the amateur, because no instruction is left unsaid. Everything is discussed within the pages and there are no hidden side notes. Just look at the recipes I tested out on my friends!

The first recipe I tested was Turtle Brownies. Your standard brownie upgraded with caramel and pecans. It was super yummy, sweet, and sticky. It was a highly decadent dessert that I could only eat one or two squares of before calling it quits. If you want to spoil yourself on an amazing dessert that is homemade from start to finish (yes, I made successful homemade caramel, and I usually burn it any other time) then it was perfect. I love the upgrade from the classic brownie.

Turtle Brownies, anyone?

The second recipe I tested was Peach Pie with their Fool Proof Pie Dough. This recipe requires some prep work and planning, so fair warning before trying to take it on. However, it is worth it. This pie dough was one of my more successful pie doughs and wasn’t too fussy to work with. Also, who doesn’t love peach pie in the summertime?

Peach Pie for the summer!

I am not the best cook and was able to make these recipes successfully without any edits therefore this cookbook gets two thumbs up. I am going to buy this book for all my friends out of college and trying to learn to cook. They will able to julienne and cook tasty 3 course meals in no time. Know anyone in your life that could use America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School Cookbook?

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