Nadiya’s Time to Eat: Cooking for The Busy

Before COVID, the world ran at the speed of a million miles per hour. Sometimes, it was hard to imagine spending time taking hours to make and prep a meal. I know had more than a few days like that. However, our relationship with meals shouldn’t be a burden. We should be able to enjoy them without spending hours in the kitchen. We could all use those 5 minutes spent less cooking on something we would rather be doing. Things such as spending time with our loved ones.

I think that is why I really like Nadiya’s Time to Eat on Netflix. Nadiya is a home cook in Great Britain that creates recipes that are perfect for the busy person. Nadiya is a mom of three, so she is always busy with their school work and activities. She is all about maximizing her time and is not above using store bought products to lessen her work. Her cook show covers several of her top time saving recipes that are easy to follow and even easier to do. Nadiya also includes a few kitchen hacks that you may not be aware of to help you prep meals. She even shares them with her fellow time crunched friends to show just how easy it is to do these recipes. Her bubbly personality is the cherry on top that makes the show infectious to watch. I truly believe anyone can watch her show and gain tips for meals when the busy schedules start up again.

For the United States watcher, there are somethings you need to realize. You may need to convert her recipe from oven temperatures in C to F, and find a few substitute ingredients for items such as golden syrup. Also these recipes can be found in her cookbook here, but you can freely copy her recipes from the show with your Netflix account.

So why not pick up a new recipe or kitchen hack that you didn’t know before? All you have to do is binge Nadiya’s Time to Eat.

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