The Romance of Tiger and Rose: Fantasy Became Reality

Are you looking for a new show to watch? How about trying a Chinese Romantic Comedy that will become your summer love?

A popular genre in the Chinese translated novels that I have been reading is the main character being dropped into their fantasy world. They then have to figure out life in their new environment and how to get back home. These are complex stories that are rarely finished in one book. So, it was nice to see a Chinese Romantic Comedy take this theme to the television screen.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose is the story of a screenwriter who gets dropped into her own fantasy script. The problem is that the character she becomes is suppose to die! Now she has to figure out a way to survive while pushing the script to the finale in order to go home. She will have to learn the new cultures of this world, meet new people to ally herself with, and write her way out of this mess.

There is several good reasons to like this show. The show has elements of historical fantasy that makes it spell binding. Martial arts is the perfect fighting style for a fantasy show in my personal opinion so props for that. The plot has many turns and it is hard to make out what will happen next. It is entertaining to watch the drama unfold with lightheartedness. The set designs are pretty and extravagant. However, there is one draw back for this show.

The acting isn’t Emmy worth. So your fair warning if you don’t like slight over-exaggerations in facial expressions then this may not be your show. If you can’t live with that and appreciate the story telling then it is great!

So why not watch this popular theme from China play out in front of your screen with The Romance of Tiger and Rose?

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