Murder in Montparnasse: Book vs. Show

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries are one of my favorite television shows to watch. I am a huge fan. However, many fans do not know that this beloved series started as a book series by Kerry Greenwood. I was able to previously review Queen of the Flowers to vote between book and the show.

Now, I am picking up another book from the series, and once again voting on which version is better. So here is Murder in Montparnasse: Book vs. Show, Round 2!


I always start of comparing stories by analyzing the characters. Good character creation and development can make or break a story when it comes to engaging the audience. It helps you discover who you root for when it comes to the epic battles. It helps you look beyond the written words to see the imagery of the story live within the barriers of your mind as if you are watching a movie. The actors in the show were able to compel you with their superb acting and creative backstories. No two actors portrayed the character the same way. The characters in the book also offered a wide range of personalities and backstories that webbed together to create this story. However, I have to rate the show higher as they focused on key players for this episode instead of the book which had too many characters to keep tract of.


The plot of both the show and book doesn’t leave loose ends that the readers need to grasp at in order to solve. The answer to each mystery are laid before the audience in so that they can follow the logic behind the final solutions. I also adore that each episodes and book ends in a happily ever after since in the real world we don’t get enough. The plot is full of twists and turns. There is suspense, and mystery. There is action and laughter. It has everything you could want or look for. Therefore, I couldn’t pick a winner in this category since it was too close to tell the differences between them.


The setting helps prop up the when, where, who and how. I believe that the setting is usually something that show or movies will always out due the books in. However, I believe the book did better than the show. It gave details that help paint the picture of the neighborhood set in 1920’s. The challenges of the 1920’s society were also well described.


I truly thinks this is the most important category. If it is not entertaining then why should I spend my time investing in it. I truly thought both the book and the show were very entertaining. I rewatched the show and hunted down the book series. I admire Miss Fisher’s wit, Dot’s sweet nature, and the humorous nature of the entire motley crew. However, I have to vote the show as the winner in the category. It won by a small margin. The show had better editing that allowed for the viewer to follow the story and be invested more. The book had too many moving wheels that made it choppy and all over the place. The reader couldn’t invest in the mysteries fully because of it.


You truly can’t go wrong with the show or the book. If you want to learn more about this show then check out my post over the show here or hunt down the book series on Amazon. Or you can do both! See which one you prefer and let me know!

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