Crazy Delicious: Not Your Average Cooking Show

Food is not meant to be boring? Recipes and taste change from the drab forms of feasts from former years. They evolved into the things we know and love today. The evolution of culinary cuisine requires one to be crazy and the food to be delicious. Netflix decided to take this concept and make a cooking show around it.

Crazy Delicious takes three home cooks and release them into a imaginative culinary garden to prepare dishes for the ‘culinary gods’. The gods are some of the top chefs in the world and are very much in the cutting edge of their fields. The most similar show I can think of is Chopped on Food Network, but at a slightly slower pace. It is fun to see the creativity of the cooks go wild. They mystify the judges as much as the audience at home. The show also maintains a positive sound through the competition as the competitors wish each other good fortunes. It is unlike other cooking shows that are all about the snappy comebacks and aggression in the kitchen.

I think if season 2 is on the table, I would binge it with no issue. I may have to settle for rewatching season 1 of Crazy Delicious though.

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