Somebody Feed Phil: Celebrate People and Food

It seems like food brings people together all over the world. It doesn’t matter the cuisine. Food fills hearts along with bellies. There is one show on Netflix that proves this to be true. It is called Somebody Feed Phil.

Philip Rosenthal is perhaps best known as being the creator of long-running sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond,” travels the world with his brother and crew discovering the food that brings us together. He makes friends in every place he goes and has some fun to. He even shares the stories of his adventures with audiences back home but with his Jewish family that love to joke and laugh.

It is hard to describe the overall positivity and happiness displayed in this show. It is like sunshine and rainbows that are needed right now to remind the world we aren’t so different. We all celebrate life through food. Maybe we need to watch this more now than ever.

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