10 Things My Dog Has Taught Me

Owning a dog teaches you life lessons and adds some excitement to the everyday. My dog, Belle, has brought so much to my life. She has taught me lessons in life. She has made me laugh. She is one of the greatest things ever. Now I have compiled a list of the 10 things Belle has taught me while raising.


1. Smile everyday.

Smiling makes you happy. It makes others smile back so go ahead and smile.

2. Don’t let labels define what you can and can’t do.

Just because a toy says it isn’t meant to be destroyed, doesn’t mean that you can’t destroy it in 5 minutes. She has done it more times than I can count. I now never believe in the indestructible or durable dog toy labels. Can I get a refund?


3. Give the people something to stare at. 

Living your best life is a good enough reason for people to stare, so let them.

4. Love the world.

Time is too short for not liking someone, so love everyone and everything.


5. Exercise is an important cornerstone of living.

I am a horrible runner. Then I started running and working out with Belle. Now I love it. Dog agility for the win!

6. Laughter is good medicine. 

Something happens everyday, just laugh at the craziness. Laugh at the mistakes. Simply laugh because it is good for you.

7. When in trouble, act innocent.

Belle has a nickname of Captain Chaos. She likes to pretend to be innocent of any wrong doing but don’t let the puppy eyes fool you. She will be sitting in a room with toys scattered all over the place and acting like it is not her fault.

8. Just be faster than the person behind you.

When Belle gets scared, she will take off Scooby-Doo style. She will easily leave you behind in the dust and not look back. She has determined that as long as she gets away faster than you then the Zombies will eat you first. It is her survival plan. (I did mention that she wasn’t the brave right?)

9. Sleepy, cuddly mornings are the best.

Who doesn’t love blankets and cuddles?

10. Through thick or thin, we are together. 

We are partners for all adventures in life. From moving across state lines to making friends in new places, we are together for everything.

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