Why Culture Adventurer?

It is not unusual for a blogger to be asked why they have started their blog. Many have a niche that they felt needed a new voice in. Some have a very narrow of interest such as food or travel. However, I never wanted to do your standard blog or be one.

I created Culture Adventure to embrace the crazy and cool things that we encounter in life. These items can be from food, TV shows, hobbies, and etc. I grew up in Dallas and was introduced to any different cultures very young. I love many different aspects about each one. I want to introduce my audience to new items that I love or question. I wanted this to be a space for conversation with a positive view of diversity.

For me, this is not a hobby. This is a lifestyle I embrace and hope you will embrace with me as a reader. I want to engage with my audience in a light that other bloggers haven’t taken. This path is celebrating the beautiful world and the people in it. So my dear readers, let’s explore, discover, and experience what the world has to offer.

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