Go for the Greens Mentorship Webinars: Strive for Your Future!

Last year, I had the honor of attending Go for the Greens in Orlando, Florida and gain mentoring from business leaders. However, I have gained more since the conference has ended. Go for the Greens has hosted online seminars for their mentees with more community leaders via Zoom discussing topics relevant to those growing their leadership skills. So why does this apply to you, my reader?

Go for the Greens wanted to reach more potential leaders in the world and recorded these live virtual session for anyone to listen to. They have a YouTube channel dedicated to these recording for those out in the world to watch. These videos are able to assist any women out in America grow and become the leaders of leaders of tomorrow. I highly recommend these videos for any female and male in high school or college to listen to. The videos help you grow and unlock your future so why not invest in yourself.

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