Burn Notice: Being Burned Has Never Been So Good

One of my favorite television shows has been off the air for several years, but thanks to the box collection of the seasons I can watch it anytime. Based off the current lack of new entertainment, a finished show that is amazing is better than rewatching old episodes on the air. This amazing show is Burn Notice, which you can find on Amazon Prime.

Burn Notice is based around a spy named Micheal Westin that is burned. He winds up back in his hometown of Miami trying to climb his way back into the CIA despite family and friend craziness. Each episode is full of action and mystery. Every character is a badass and the jokes are the right kind of morbid.

My favorite character is Fiona, who is Micheal’s ex and old IRA member. She is totally bad ass. She is full fire and doesn’t pull her punches. Watch a few episodes and you will truly understand why I like her.

So, sun out on the beaches of Miami and watch Micheal Westin fight to get back into the spy game.

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