Workout At Home Playlist

In Lockdown, I had to figure out how to workout at home like the rest of the world. So I went to YouTube, and searched for at home workouts that need no equipment. I also wanted good starter workouts since I am not the most athletic person in the world. Youtube was full of them and I got to workout to a few of them. So here is the YouTube playlist I came up with for at home workouts.

  1. Total Body Strength Training By Joanna Soh
  2. 30 Minute Cardio Kickboxing By POPSUGAR Fitness
  3. Power Vinyasa Flow By
  4. 20 Min Total Core/AB Workout By Madfit
  5. 15 Min Beginner HIIT Workout By Emi Wong
  6. 30 Min No Equipment Cardio and Core Workout By POPSUGAR Fitness
  7. 20 MIN Home HIIT Workout By Natacha Océana
  8. Full Body HIIT No Jumping By Madfit
  9. Pilates for Beginners By The Zoe Report
  10. Beginner Barre Workout By Rebecca-Louise

My playlist contains a variety of workout types. The types of workouts range from intensity, and time needed to complete. What have been your favorite workout video?

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