La Casita Bakeshop: Masters of the Puff

Tucked away in a strip mall in Richardson, there is a bakery that has delicious creations. Creations come in different forms of pastry dough such as puff and normal dough. The treats are flavored with both savory and sweet tasting that can satisfy any palate. This magical shop is called La Casita Bakeshop, and you can only get treats on certain days and times. If you didn’t know to look then you would miss them. Many locals are discovering the bake shop through social media like Instagram. However, this bakery caught my attention online for two different reasons.

The first reason was the puff in their puff pastry. Puff pastry is a beast to make and have giant air holes within the dough. Bakers have cried while trying to master it. Home cooks cheat by grabbing the pack of dough from the freezer section at the store. So to see a bakery that is able to produce puff pastry from scratch and with perfection is a master piece. Just look at the cross-section of my Croissant!

The second reason is the bakery adds a Latin flair to traditional recipes. I grew up in Texas, so I love the flavors of Latin America. Maricsa Trejo, the baker who runs La Casita Bakeshop, has Latin American heritage and brings the powerful flavors of her childhood to her bakes. She has created Elote Tarts (my favorite treat she makes!), Concha Cruffins, and other fusion goodies. I found her fusion goodies to be the best things she makes and you can’t find them anywhere else. (Can I have a box of Elote tarts for myself next time?)

If you want to try La Casita Bakeshop or as I dub them the masters of puff, then follow them on Instagram to be notified of ordering times and hours open. Fill your box with a collection of Cruffins, an Elote Tart, a couple of Croissants, and a slice of Bostock. Your tummy will thank you for such delicious treats!

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