Testing Recipe: Orange and Chocolate Challah

I love bread. It is the downfall for many of my attempts at getting more physically fit. However, I have rarely tried to make a sweet bread or shape bread into complex shapes such as a Challah bread. If you are unfamiliar with Challah, it is a sweet light eggy bread that many make during the holidays. However, I recently came across an Orange and Chocolate Challah recipe from Delish. It looked delicious. It looked pretty.  So, I decided to try to recreate this recipe with my amateur skills.

It went like this……


I never got the volume that others claimed to have gotten and my filling fell out everywhere when rolling. It was really tough in comparison to other bread doughs I made. The recipe instruction often left you asking some questions more than answers since what you were looking for in end or in-between product was missing. I even had to look up bread shaping tutorials from other bakers, because the shaping instructions on the recipe made zero sense. Despite all that, I would give the recipe and bread a B+. The bread was a hit with family in terms of flavor. It was full of chocolate and orange flavor. It might even make good bread pudding when it gets dried out.  But technically not the easiest recipe to follow for the amateur baker. So, I may keep the flavors of this recipe, but may use a different challah base recipe. Any tips that you would attach for to this recipe for the amateur bread maker? How did your recreation of this recipe go?

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