Flash: The Greatest Superhero TV Show

There are a ton of superhero series. Some are good. Some are to never be mentioned or see the light of day again. One show rise to the top when it comes to superhero series for me though. It is the TV series called The Flash (can be found on Netflix or the CW). It is about a forensic scientist named Barry Allen, who is struck by lighting during a massive explosion from STAR Laboratories, and wakes from coma with the abilities. However, he is not the only one to discover powers after the massive explosion. Together with old friends and new, Barry becomes The Flash in order to save his city and help those in need.

The entire series is masterfully told with diverse characters each playing an important role. The characters are all captivating with unique personalities and backstories. The witty comebacks and one-liners will stick with you even when the episode is over. However, the characters aren’t the only reason to love this show.

The story lines allows the creator to asks questions to the audience. It asks deep questions of its viewers such as what is the moral good when there is no good, can the villains be redeemed, and who is truly the hero. It keeps viewers on their seat and dedicated to the story line despite the wait times between seasons. All I can say is that …

You will laugh.

You will cry.

You will gasp.

You won’t be able to stop watching. 

It will ruin all other superhero series for you and set the bar for future shows to surpass.

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