Wattpad: Discover New Tales from Writers Unknown

I love books. You can find me curled up with one most hours of the day. However, it is hard to carry heavy books with you in your bag and running around trying to manage life. When life was on-the-go (pre-COVID), I would use one app to bring my bookshelf with me no matter where I go. It made a bunch of novels the weight of a cell phone. I did this with the use of the app called Wattpad. If you can’t download the app, you can use their website. It is a website that has both a paid and free reading option. I use the free reading version.

Writers from all over the world can contribute to their archives, and readers can discover new stories waiting for them. Since it is an open site that anyone with a keyboard, there are some not good writing and some fantastic undiscovered writers waiting to be discovered. It may take a little digging and some patient, but the world of books that can captivate you are at your finger tips.

The best part is with an account you can save the progress of stories you are reading, like them, comment on the story, and receive updates about the books. Readers with an account can even submit their own written stories for other readers to read. If you like reading but need an on-the-go option then Wattpad might be your solution. It is the solution to my reading addiction and on-the-go lifestyle.

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