Deborah Lippmann: Invest in Your Polish

I LOVE the feeling of having my nails done. It adds the touch of elegance and self-care to any day. However, I HATE chipped nail polish. Crummy nail polishes chip within 10 minutes of application. All you can do with chipped polish is redo the nail and that is annoying. This leaves two options: invest in good polish or get your nails done professionally . It is cheaper to invest in good polish and easier.

I personally invest in nail polish kits from Deborah Lippmann as they are higher quality. They rarely chip. They come in vivid colors for every occasion. However, they are more expensive than other nail polish brands. I think they are worth it though, because my nail polish stays for about a week compared to the 10 minutes of other brands. I don’t have time to redo my nail polish everyday. Who does? Thankfully my investment in polish is easy to find via Sephora, Amazon, or her official website.

So treat yourself to high quality nails, and manicure with Deborah Lippmann polish.

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