How To Weekend Like A Pro By Life Kit

One of my favorite podcasts to listen to is Life Kit. I have reviewed some awesome episodes that they have produced like Sleep Your Way to Better Health! and Life Kit: Guide to Studying and Happiness in College. They recently came out with another amazing episode that I recommend for anyone looking to hack life.

We are all trying to maximize the weekend. We work hard during the work week so why shouldn’t we try to maximize our days off? Life Kit developed this episode around how to have a good weekend. Having a good weekend is important to our health and lifestyle so why not work on achieving it! The tips provided are all backed by the experts so you can trust the tips listed to possibly work.

The easiest one that I started using is putting your phone on do not disturb. All the notifications pull you away from living in the moment. Enjoying the hobbies and sports that we do not get to during the week. Spend quality time with family and friends.

The hardest tip to implement is a commitment to treating the weekend like a vacation. If your heart rate spiked while seeing that, don’t worry mine did too. I am used to using the weekend to catch up on work and do chores. Now, I try to save my weekend for accomplishing more activities around my personal enjoyment. I just need to make the commitment and effort to do so. It is all about your will power.

However, you are not alone. These tips were given to a teacher for special needs in LA and she tried to use the tips. She recounts during the episode her own struggles and successes with having a good weekend. But trying a few changes is better than not trying at all. So what are you willing to do to reclaim your good weekend?



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