Japanese Milk Pudding: Delicate Treat

There is one treat that I haven’t come across in the United States as often as I did in Japan. What is it? It is called Milk Pudding. In Japan, this can be found in any connivence store on any street. In the United States, you have to scour the shelves of the local asian market and pray that they have it. If you aren’t familiar with milk pudding, you are missing out on a delicacy.

It is not like your standard American pudding. It is more similar to an Italian Panna Cotta, but made with more milk than cream. It is super delicate in flavor and has a jiggly texture. It is also not overly sweet so those with less of a sweet tooth will enjoy it too. The puddings can be topped in a variety of ways from pieces of fruit to silky syrups to add more punchy flavors to the delicate base. Does it have your mouth watering yet?

Since this is hard to find in the United States, I recently made Japanese Milk Pudding at home with the recipe from Kirbie’s Cravings. I love the short ingredient list: cream, milk, sugar, vanilla, and gelatin. It was super easy. It was a quick cook on the stove top. Couple hours in the fridge to solidify and presto! You are done. I never had an easier recipe. I personally topped my creations with pieces of sliced mangos to add a tropical feel to my dessert. I was in pudding heaven while eating this! I even had a friend that doesn’t like fussy cooking ask for the recipe since it was so easy!

I can’t wait to make this again and will be adding this recipe to my cookbook.

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