Gem Goddess: A Message From Beyond

In times of uncertainty, it is interesting the things we turn to for reassurance of a promising tomorrow. For me, I turn to tarot cards. It sounds silly but why not try something more silly if it reassuring to the listeners. I don’t own my own set of tarot cards or know all the oracle meanings of them so I rely on other’s readings.

On YouTube, one can find thousands of videos of pick a card readings. Some are better than others. Personally, I like the readings by Gem Goddess. Her videos are shot at high resolution. You can see the cards as they are laid out. Her voice is upbeat and full of character. Her cards are also artistically pleasing to look at. She talks a lot about how she comes to her oracle readings and the signs to look for in the real world. It is fun to listen to.

What is your tarot card reading telling you about your future?

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