Enoki Beef: Japanese Beef Rolls

With lockdown in place, new cookbooks are out of reach. However, new recipes are not. I found was scrolling through Pinterest when I came across a new Japanese recipe, Enoki Beef Rolls.

Enoki Beef Rolls is thinly wrapped marinated beef that is around Enoki mushrooms. I served this dish with Vegetable Stir-Fry and Jasmine Rice for a twist on the usual weeknight dinner I make. I used the recipe for Enoki Beef Rolls by Wander Cooks, which you can find here.

Want to see the results? ….

Here is what it came out as. I found the recipe super easy to make. It packed wonderful flavor that screamed Japan. Another plus of this recipe is that the entire family liked it! However, I will include a few tips. Buy the thin strips of the beef at the Asian supermarket since it is thinner than you can cut a piece of beef. When pan frying the rolls, make sure to step back since the oil pops in contact of the cold beef. I use splatter screen to help prevent injury.

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