Lemon Ginger Crème Brûlée from Cuisine at Home

I came across this gem of a magazine while digging through old magazines. I flipped and discovered a recipe to try. One of my mom’s favorite dessert is Créme Brûlée. The magazine featured a recipe of Créme Brûlée  by adding a modern spin to the classic recipe. They did this with the addition of flavor to the base recipe with lemon and ginger.

I couldn’t find the publication online but will attach link if found. I have copied the recipe below for your kitchen cookbook.


I loved the simplicity of the recipe to master. Just make sure the chill time is more than 1 hour to overnight for best results. The zing of ginger and tart of lemon made the dessert refreshing. It was not overly sweet, which is an extra bonus for those with a lack of sweet tooth like my mom. It was such a hit at a dinner party that 2 batches had to be made so people could have the seconds they wanted. So I highly encourage making this stunner for your dessert cravings and sink into this summer treat.


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