Apple Pie: A Slice of Home

Nothing is more homey than an apple pie. I love the warm spices with the sweet apple taste. I can eat this pie anytime of the year, especially with the abundance of apples available in Texas right now.

However, I tried a little different recipe to the traditional jammy apple and caramel stuffed pie. This recipe came from the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Cookbook under the title of Favorite Apple Pie. This apple pie contained a milk based that the apples cooked in and left the pie super moist. It may not win in looks but the pie sure was tasty. However, the pie was the best after cooling in the tin for 3 hours. If you cut open the pie before then, the pie filling leaked out and created a soggy bottom. I would easily make this pie again and highly recommend. Just don’t expect an Instagram model pie to show off to guest.

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