Hot Cross Buns: Breakfast Treats

Easter has many traditions from searching for hidden eggs to attending church with family. However, in some parts of the world Hot Cross Buns are a special Easter treat. It graces their breakfast tables and as afternoon snacks. I have to say this is not a personal tradition for Easter, but why not try a new bake. I might even be making a new tradition for my family.

If you are unfamiliar with Hot Cross Buns, they are a soft sweet dough mixed with rum soaked dried fruit and topped with decadent icing. The ones that I can find in the super market are often from a brioche bread base, but as an amateur baker I have yet to tackle a single brioche dough so I looked for an easy Hot Cross Bun recipe.

I picked my recipe to test from King Arthur Flour as can be found here. For dried fruit mix, I used dried pineapple chopped, dried cherries, and raisins. Feel free to make this with what you have on hand. I had this bad boy whipped up in an afternoon and it was gone by Day 3. I don’t know who ate them all but I am sure it wasn’t the dog since she can’t counter surf.

The only changes I would make is trying to knead the dough a little less since some buns were denser than others, and upping the fruit mix so more fruit flavored bites can be found in the mix.

I was reading other tips for Hot Cross Buns from other home bakers and some suggested using the tangzhong technique. I know homebakers and professional bakers that swear by this technique. I haven’t ever tried it, but is on my list to try. I would recommend this post before undertaking your attempt at tangzhong

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