The Book That Every Writer Should Read: Letters to a Young Writer

Being a writer can be intimidating especially if you are trying to figure it out. Even as a blogger, I have to studied the art of writing. An art I thought I would never have to study. I have read several guides to writing and each write about the do’s and don’ts. They offer harrowing tails of rejection letters and finding agents. Which is good information but not what I am looking for in encouragement. However, my most recent read has become the guide I never knew I needed.

Letters to a Young Writer by Colum McCann is a series of letters between himself and you the reader discussing life of a writer and celebrating literary works that have yet to come. He offers encouragement when rejection seems to be the only thing we can find, how to deal with depression, and how to simply not be a dick (his words not mine). He breaks the construct that writing is some perfect formula and is set by certain rules. guess what? Rules are meant to be broken. Writing is suppose to open worlds and revealing the light in the dark corners of our world.

I just love personal voice used in this narrative as it makes the guide feel like more of a conversation with him than a directive on the standard formula for success. I also love how he approaches the harsh realities of being a writer, but simply stating the obvious that it sucks. However, we can conquer the suck and be successful despite the drag. It is the positive light that young writers need to push them forward with confident steps instead of dragging their creative stagnant.

So young writers and young dreamers, read this writing guide and you won’t need the other writing guides with their formulas for success.

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