Marshmallow Fondant: Hell or Saving Grace?

If you are looking up cake decorating videos and tips, you will come across this magically product called Fondant. You can make figures and shapes to top your cake or cover the tops of them. It gives you clean finishes that can make you look like a professional.

I personally have never worked with the stuff until this recipe. It possibly wasn’t the best beginner’s first step, but I really didn’t want to go to the fancy store to buy fondant. So, I looked up a DIY recipe for Fondant from Wilton (cake decorating company). They simply called it, Marshmallow Fondant. It included a video and tips so it appealed to me even more.

What is it made of?

Marshmallows, water, and icing sugar. Sounds easy, right?

I thought so to.

I studied the video instructions numerous times before taking my bag of marshmallows to start my adventure. The next words out of my mouth were OMG! By the time, I had finished making my fondant figures the entire kitchen counter top was sticky. My hands were sticky. It may have taken me 15 minutes to make the fondant mix, but a full hour to clean up the finished mess.

Did it work?

Yes, but the fondant took a large while to dry out to the point I could put it on the cake.

Was it tasty?

It was ok. Fondant is super sweet since it is mostly pure sugar. I think buttercream frosting wins when it comes to flavor since it doesn’t kill you with sweetness.

Will I DIY it again?

NO! I will just make the trip to the store instead. It will less messy and less clean up.

If you need to make fondant in a pinch then try this DIY recipe. It worked and was easy to follow. I am just going to stick with my standard buttercream frosting.

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