Lemon Honey Cupcakes: Spring is here!

Spring is in the air, and that means all the citrus flavors start appearing in my bakes. This Easter I tested the Honey Lemon Cake from King Arthur Flour as cupcakes. ‘Cause you all know that I love the recipes from King Arthur Flour.

This cake batter had all the standard ingredients with lemon zest and lemon extract to give you the punchy lemon. I was surprised by one ingredient though. The recipe requires almond flour in the cake batter. I am not exactly sure what the almond flour brings to the batter. I know I use almond flour in French Macaroons but never have I used it in a cake batter. So if anyone knows why please let me know, this amateur baker has no idea.

I did find the batter at the end super fluffy and light. That is what you want in a cake batter so YEAH! It easily evened on top as the cupcakes baked in the oven so fear not with the lumps in the liner.

I did have to half the cake glaze because it made so much glaze if you did the full recipe. I think next time, I would also poke holes in my cupcakes with a skewer to help the glaze penetrate the inside of the cupcake when I pour/brush it on.

I also would use lemon extract instead of vanilla in my buttercream to compliment the lemon flavor more since the vanilla buttercream dampened the citrus flavor of the lemon. It is a lemon cake and I want to taste the lemon not vanilla. So keep that in mind when making your icing.

IN THE END, I would make this batter again. I would do it as a cupcake, cake, or a combo of the two. Always remember leftover cake batter makes great cupcakes.

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