Animal Crossing: New Horizons

I was a big fan of Animal Crossing during my middle school years. I loved the cute little animal avatars and customized characters. There land changes with every day and each season. So when I acquired the latest edition of Animal Crossing: New Horizons I dived into the game with same eager I had back then.

The game brought back memories for not only me but many of my friends. The game is better than ever with more fluid game play and changing geography. You can connect with friends near and far while playing and share benefits of a difference in game play. If you haven’t played this game before then you are missing out on the joy of watching this game play evolve with each new evolution.

I love Animal Crossing offers a variety in play and no player has the same experience while playing. You never know what new surprise can be found. You just have to play to figure out all those surprises! I can’t ruin the game by spoiling surprises for you. Just take my testimony that this game will have you addicted in no time!

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