Earnest Donuts: Not Your Standard Donut

I am not the biggest lover of donuts. I love the classic cinnamon, sprinkles, or chocolate. I am picky. The best is when they come from a local place like the corner shop that is still run by the same family for generations. However, I decided to venture a little further from my local corner shop on my most recent donut hunt.

I went to a shop that has been blowing up my Instagram, Earnest Donut. They are a local shop in The Colony, TX that makes donuts that aren’t your standard donut. They have donuts in iconic characters, letters, fun flavors, and colorful designs. They are super popular and everyone takes photos with their box of donuts just look at their feed.

I ordered the Key Lime Donut, Coconut Cream Pie Donut, Citrus Honey Donut, Cinnamon Roll, and Almond Donut. I loved the innovation of their flavor combinations to mix up the classic donut. Also, I loved the actual dough of the donut. It was super light and airy. It was not greasy from the oil and had the right amount of bounce. However, the icing on each donut was super sweet and overpowering when combined with the sweet fillings. I had icing all over my hands when done and needed a garden hose to clean up afterwards.

My final verdict……..

I will take a pass next time. For a place that is not next door, they needed to convince me that their donuts were worth the extra blocks. They failed to do it since the sweet killed my taste buds and I have a major sweet tooth! I also hate wearing my food when I am trying to eat it. So I will keep to my classic at the corner shop and continue to scroll Instagram for my next find.

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