Red Caramel Frosting: Anyone can do it!

I love caramel. It goes perfectly with apples, chocolate, coconut, or really any sweet. So I have been looking for an easy caramel frosting recipe for my celebration cakes. I recently tried the Caramel Frosting recipe from King Arthur Flour’s cookbook. The closest I have found their site to the recipe is the frosting from this post.

You start off making a syrup on the stove top from the base ingredients (brown sugar, vanilla extract, water, and etc.) before adding powdered sugar to create a stiff frosting that you can actually pipe. For brown sugar, I recommend using dark brown sugar to get more of a molasses/caramel flavoring.

Despite the brown color the frosting finishes as, you can dye the frosting in dark colors. Pastels simply won’t work. I went with red since I was pipping flowers on cupcakes and cake as a quarantine welcome to spring.

This was loved by majority of family and friends. The only complaint is that the frosting by itself is super sweet so don’t go crazy with the frosting. So, why not have a go at red caramel frosting for your cakes.

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