Modern Love: Heart Wrenching, Heart Pumping

Modern Love was an exposition put in the New Yorker to talk about how love has been found and discovered in modern times. There are tales of hope and heart-break written by various authors across the country. I love the simplicity of the short shorties as the grip you hard and fast before you have reached the end as they address the never ending topic of love.  I curled up with this book for a solid week reading and rereading my favorite excerpts. I found it complete refreshing perspective that many stereotypical romance novels lack (not that I hate the stereotypical romance novel).

It felt as if the words danced off the page and into the world around me. My heart soared and crushed with each narrative. It truly felt like a true and honest exposition over the complexities of love. They covered love of self, love of your partner, and love of a child. I was so in love with Modern Love that it inspired me to once again seek love when I had given up on it. Modern Love will win your heart and a space on your bookshelf!

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