Ista Indian: Butter Chicken Dreams

I am a huge fan of Butter Chicken. I could eat a whole pot by myself if no one was looking. I got hooked on the stuff in high school when my friend’s mom made it. However, I have no talent when it comes to trying to cook Indian food (tips would be appreciated). That is why I love finding good Indian food within the local community of Dallas. Here is a restaurant you need to add to your night-out list.

Ista Indian in Flower Mound, Texas was a restaurant I visited on a date and the place was perfect for a first date. The restaurant was quiet and peaceful so my date and I could reasonably talk. The waiter was polite and attentive.

I personally went with my favorite order, butter chicken, with fingers crossed that I would not be disappointed. My date went with his favorite order, tikka marsala. We were able to share flavorful naan with our dishes. I loved the butter and tomato flavors that richly drenched the pieces of chicken. The tikka marsala according to my date was cooked just the way he liked it. It was so good that neither of us left with a doggy bag. So, grab a nice dinner here or stop over during your lunch break.


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