Magic Trick to Flat Top Cakes!

It seems like no matter what I do, I always end up with domed cake tops. I often have to remove the domed tops before stacking cake layers when I am decorating. So how can one prevent the dreaded dome?

After researching this question from several bakers, they all suggested a product called “Cake Strips”. This product is insulated fabric that wraps around your baking pans for even slow baking. However, these products are pricey. $26 for two strips that only fit a small number of pans is too much money in my personal opinion. Just look at these strips from Wilton. But then, I had a light bulb moment.

In the great wide Internet, someone must have figured out a cheap way to DIY these strips. I found the DIY Cake Strip post by Wow Is That Really Edible?. She explains that all you need is an old towel and safety pins to make yourself some cake strips.

Old towel lying around the house = $0

Safety pins lying around = $0

I folded the towel strip I made to create 4 folds of towel around the pans before securing it the pins after soaking. I thought I may see some results but how can an old towel replace fancy insulated strips? I was surprised because IT WORKED! I have never seen such flat tops before. I will forever use this tip to create more perfect cake creations.

So don’t buy the expensive strips just DIY the solution yourself!

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