Fool-Proof Buttercream Frosting: Perfect for Celebration Cakes

When I make Buttercream Frosting for my cakes, I want it to be light and fluffy. It can’t be too sweet or would make the cake overly sweet. There is perfect happy medium that needs to be obtained when it comes to the perfect buttercream. I think I have found a fool proof recipe that anyone can use.

I decided to try the Quick Buttercream Frosting from King Arthur Flour. I love this recipe not only because it was quick. (I made it in 10 minutes.) The 2 1/2 cups of sugar gives the recipe itself strength, but not make it sickly sweet. I have seen buttercream recipes that have as much as 5 cups of sugar. It is hard to believe you need that much sugar for the frosting.

However, I will leave three tips that I learned from practicing this recipe.

Tip #1: Butter must be room temperature. It incorporates and beats better. If your butter is too cold, you can set the butter in a microwave bowl and zap it into the microwave for 10 seconds until it is pliable.

Tip #2: Start off doubling the recipe. The buttercream recipe doesn’t make as much as it seems. It takes a lot of buttercream to cover cake so start off doubling the recipe before decorating will help you not have long intervals between working with the frosting. When frosting is dried, It doesn’t smoothen out.

Tip #3: Pipping the buttercream will give you even layer and spread of buttercream. Just use a spatula and bench scrapper to smooth out the layer of buttercream to thin layer.

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