Devil Food Cake for the Books

I love trying new recipes. Especially, chocolate cake recipes. Yum! So to celebrate my birthday this year, I made a Devil Food Cake from King Arthur Flour cookbook, and … well you will just have to see for yourself.

I loved this chocolate cake recipe because it was easy to put together. No strange ingredients. No complex technique. It was an easy recipe for anyone to pickup. It was not long before I had a cake batter in the oven.

This cake was super moist leaving the oven. It was sticky and moist when removing from the pans. It actual stuck to the bottom despite buttering and coco powder on the bottom and sides. Thankfully it was not a lot stuck so it was easy to patch back together. (Buttercream the magic glue of cakes) The cake has held its moisture well even sitting out on the counter for a full 12 hours overnight cooling off. The cake was robust enough to handle while decorating, and has kept the texture even days after.

I think this will become my go-to chocolate cake recipe from now on. What are your chocolate cake tips and tricks? What is your chocolate cake go to recipe?

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