Howl’s Moving Castle: Fantasy and Whimsy

I am a major fan of Hayao Miyazaki (Japanese filmmaker). He builds these wonderful worlds of magic, fantasy, and whimsy. He reflects a representation of life onto the animated characters that becomes close to a representation of reality. He has created many notable movies and gain awards around the world. His fanbase stretches over the globe and are made up of people from different walks of life. I love his work, but my most favorite creation he has done is Howl’s Moving Castle.

Howl’s Moving Castle was based on a book with the same name. Sophie (the protagonist) works in a hat shop, but all that changes when she has been cursed to age prematurely. She goes on an adventure befriending the wizard Howl and exploring the lands trying to find a cure.

I love this story because I feel like each character is a tangible person. I can relate to Sophie, who is scared and brave at the same time.

I love the quick little moments of humor that break the dark around the characters.

I also love the symbols and representations made by Miyazaki in this film. There are so many metaphors embedded and represented. Most you will miss until you do a deep dive into the film or read his commentary. It just makes you appreciate the film ever more.

I have probably watched this movie over 100 times. I actual could watch 100 times more.  The story will never leave you bored and tired. It is fantastic!

If you have never seen this film or any Miyazaki film then I suggest settling down with this flick. Anyone no matter their age will love this fresh animated fantasy.

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