5 Reasons to Read The Power of Habit This Year

The Power of Habit has been circling around my to-read-next list. It has been on some of the top reading list and book clubs have been raving about it. I finally sat down and spent some time completing The Power of Habit. In my opinion, THIS BOOK IS FANTASTIC! If you haven’t picked up this book, you are missing out. I believe that everyone should read this book at some point in the new year. Why? I will give 5 simple reasons.

1. It is not complex in language. 

I love learning more and more. However, I tune out really quickly if the language of the texts gets too complex in the academics. The language in The Power of Habit is easy for anyone to understand.

2. The drawings help tie the teachings to the reading.

The drawings in the book help tie the text to what you reading. It takes what can be a confusing concept and simplifies it. It also reinforces what you read.

3. Ties to everyday life.

The title of the book should give you a hint on what the book is about, Habits. Each chapter can easily be connected to modern life. You don’t have to live a certain lifestyle to see the connections to life and habits.

4. The science of habits is fascinating.

The science behind this book is fascinating. It looks at cultural, societal, and psychological factors that create habits. Who knew science could be so cool?

5. Change your life.

When you understand habits, you are able to apply the lessons within the book to your life. It will help you accomplish your new year’s goal. It will help you get your #bosslife on.

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