Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore: Towering over Florence

One of my favorite churches that I have visited in Italy is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is in Florence, Italy and you can’t miss it. This church stands proudly over nearby buildings and has towers, baptistery, and other amazing buildings included with the cathedral. It is amazing on the outside and on the inside. There is even a museum next door that includes information of the creation and preservation of the cathedral. However, that is not the only reason to visit this church.

I highly recommend climbing the cathedral tower if you  can get your hands on tickets. So make sure to book in advance! If you don’t buy ahead of time, you could not be able to climb the tower. I personally think it is well worth it and you will see why in a second.

At this moment I would like to include some cautionary messages. The climb to the top is done all by stairs so if you need an elevator, you can’t visit the top. Also, there are over 400 stair steps so be ready to climb uneven steps that are sometimes curved. The stairwells get hot since they are not well ventilated, which helps you work up a good sweat. My poor mom who gets dizzy at heights couldn’t do it since the higher we went the more dizzy she would get. She reached the half way point before making the be-line for the exit. If you are not concerned at this point, then you are ready to climb. Just bring water and wear climbing shoes. Before I forget, you may want to be aware of one more thing. The stairs are tight, and you have to maneuver with the flow of the crowd since everyone is going up and down the same staircase. If you have kids, don’t be surprised if they get spooked or if you have to ask others to step aside so they can grab the hand railing. Visitors are more than willing to help you out. I don’t want to scare you off of doing the climb though.


The view over all of Florence is well worth the challenge of the climb. (Just see the climb as your visit to the gym!) You can see all the major attractions of the city, and hear the beautiful come alive below. Just take a look for yourself!


Another benefit of climbing the Duomo is that you get to see the amazing sculptures and  murals up close. It is so cool to see masterpieces of artwork up close and personal. You can truly imagine the talent and skill it took to complete the majesty.


Why not plan your next vacation to the city of Florence and visit this cathedral? Don’t forget to share your photos so I can FOMO over them.

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