Review of The GOOP Lab

Typically if I heard the name GOOP. I would think of some slimy greenish blob that holds no appeal. However, GOOP now refers to the Netflix series with Gwyneth Paltrow. If you aren’t familiar with Gwyneth Paltrow is a celebrity turn lifestyle guru. I originally had no interest in this show. I think the lifestyle she promotes is a little outrageous. The trailer held about zero appeal to me. I only got intrigued to watch it after Stephen Colbert took a swing at the show and brand. He was on fire and his lines were so funny! So down the rabbit hole I went, I watched the first season of The GOOP Lab.

The show covers somewhat pseudo-science lifestyle ways of life that some truly believe can help them live longer and better. Who doesn’t want to believe in the fountThese techniques range from taking psychedelics not under a physician’s watch in Jamaica to discovering pleasure with a workshop. I am not joking on the last one. It was a full episode. The only thing I could think after watching was that their is some interesting beliefs in the world.

I hardly would judge a person for believing in some holistic approach or in a system that I personally don’t so long as there is no actual endangerment to the health of the person doing it. This is where I have a problem with the show. These experiences that they conduct on camera should really not be taken by some. I honestly think each episode should come with some level of disclaimer that explains healthy and safety were the first things that they cover on set. For example, one of the experiments they undertake is the practice of yoga in their swimsuits called snow yoga. Hypothermia, anyone? Frost bite? I am not a polar bear and I am pretty sure most of the human population isn’t either. So I am going to pass.

I did appreciate the introduction to alternative healing and healthy practices even if they are crazy. I also appreciated that Gwyneth was trying to remove the stigmas behind the practices by participating and commenting on it. However, I think I will not watch a Season 2 due to the promotion of  possible endangerment and it was not the most entertaining. So overall, The GOOP Lab is off my watch list.

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