My Obsession: Miraculous Ladybug

I am in love with the show, Miraculous Ladybug. I reviewed the show overall last year, but have recently sat down to review the newest season to see what the creators have done. So here are my 5 thoughts on the newest season released on Netflix:

1. The newest season still brings the blend of cultures together. No one is just one culture or influenced by just one part of the world. The characters are very worldly. So my globe trotting heart was happy to see a kid’s show still embracing the global world we live in.

2. Ladybug is still a feminine icon. She is a hero and leader. She fights and breaks expectations. She is more than a pretty face. I recently saw a little girl wearing a Ladybug shirt and talked to her about the cool character on her shirt. I was happy for this little girl growing up could have a hero like Ladybug. A woman superhero that is tough is something I want to see more of for the girls of tomorrow.

3. I loved that the gave each Miraculous  unique characteristics and personalities. Ladybug isn’t the sole hero always. Others get a chance to be in the spotlight and amaze.

4. Character development is evolving in a unique way. Some characters revert to old flaws. Some characters reveal more pieces of their personality. It just makes you love the story more.

5. The story development is on point. You never know what you are going to get when it comes to the events in the story, and that is a good thing. A non-predictable story is engaging and intriguing. The end game is getting closer, but I have no idea how it all will go down. Personally, I can’t wait to see what is next.

I am happy to see the expansion of The Miraculous Ladybug. This story created in Europe. The show is produced in Asia. The show is being shown on televisions all over the world. Every child is getting to know the story of Ladybug and admiring the adventures of this new hero. I love that there is a story in the world that this generation is getting to know, be influenced by, and be a part of in a way that shows the worldly touches of this children’s show.

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