Recipe Tester: King Arthur’s Yellow Cake

I love a good cake recipe for birthday parties. They are classic and elegant. Plus, birthday candles sit perfectly on top. For the most recent family birthday celebration, I decided to crack open my new cook book from King Arthur and try one of their classic cake recipes. I decided to go with their Classic Yellow Cake.

The ingredients are super simple to gather. I can even bet that you have a few of them right now in your pantry. Another reason to love this recipe is that the classic flavor means no  need to compromise to make everyone happy. Everyone loves a classic! I loved how quick and easy to whip up it was, and was done not before long. I have made cakes that have taken all day. This one simply took an afternoon. However, I did get a few surprises too.

The cake dome a ton in the oven. The center just exploded. I ended up cutting off a good portion so I could stack and fill my cake. My second problem was that the cake was surprisingly close textured. It reminded me of a pound cake instead of fluffy birthday cake. I wish I took a picture of the inside, but the cake was eaten very quickly by some hungry people. Oh well,  it still was very delicious though.

I would easily love to try this recipe again, but maybe try to find a couple of tips on my  cake recipe to not let it explode or be close textured.

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