Chocolate Drip Cake: Testing the Trend for Your Cake

Over Instagram and Pinterest, you can find hundreds of cakes decorated with the trendy chocolate drip. The drip can be any color or made from either dark or white chocolate. I decided to try my hand at this trendy decoration with a birthday cake I made recently. I went with a dark chocolate drip and used this blog post to help create it.

The post is from Life, Love, and Sugar. If you google how to chocolate cake drip, her post is one of the first ones that will appear. She includes helpful tips like different applications of the decorations, and trouble shooting tips. She has beautiful images that can easily guide you in your decorating as well.

Before testing her recipe, I first iced my cake in a praline buttercream that I had whipped up before moving onto the drip.

Now for following her recipe, I mixed heavy cream with Nestle chocolate chips to create my ganache. I used a spoon to first pour the drip before pouring overing the top of the cake. I added my own little variation by baking a cake in the number shape for the birthday. I used the leftover ganache to help emphasis the curve of the number against the buttercream icing. Then left it out on the counter for 5 minutes to finish setting. It turned out really well for a beginner baker in my opinion. What do you think?

My only complaint is that she doesn’t include specific temperatures when melting your chocolate and cake temperature. It is more informal tips vs. precise. also, I seemed to have crystals in my ganache that appeared after leaving on the counter. It was obvious to me who saw the cake before crystals appeared than to the others, who did not. I attribute the crystals to the brand of chocolate and not a precise chocolate temperature rising and cooling. I always have better success with Ghirardelli Brand Chocolate than Nestle.

If you want to make your cake trendy then a cake drip is the way to go. Just maybe find a more precise recipe than this one.

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