David Bisbal: First Love of Spanish Music

It is hard to explain how I fell on love with the tones of David Bisbal. I actually was assigned to analyze the lyrics of his song, “Ave María” for a project in my Spanish class in high school. I had to probably listen to “Ave María” about 20 times before I finished the project. I started to be able to recognize his voice within the first few lines of music.

David Bisbal is a singer and song writer from Spain. He has been creating music for over 19 years. He has toured around the world, and captured hearts everywhere. Also, you got to love his dance moves that he shows off in his music videos.

Every time I listen to him, I can feel the music from my head to my toes. Some of his albums will make you want to get up and dance. Like his album Bulería, and Tu y Yo. Some of his albums will make you want to pour your heart out. Like his album Premonición and Todo Por Ustedes. You can easily find his music on Youtube by entering his name. If you haven’t heard his music before, you are truly missing out on a talented singer.

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