Devil Next Door: Nazis Hiding in America

If I told you that there was German Nazis that were hiding out in America from their past would you believe me? What if I told you it could be a local that you know and is beloved by family and friends alike? This would seem like the start of some mystery novel if this didn’t come true.

I recently watched an anniversary special of the liberation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Even on the University of Texas at Dallas, they are celebrating Texan Liberators with a special memorial. The events of World War 2 revisited upon us with each remembrance drew me to the show, Devil Next Door. This is a documentary series about an Ukrainian citizen living in the US after World War 2 being accused of being a war criminal called Ivan the Terrible. The series visits family members, friends, lawyers, and investigators alike. You get to watch old recordings and news clippings of the tribunal and prosecution. But do you believe the old man that is presented before you is really this mythical terrible person?

Some believed it was a case of mistaken identity. Some believe he really was this horrible man. Only you can decided after listening to both sides and hearing all the evidence presented.

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