Fantastic Ideas in the Kitchen: O, The Oprah Magazine Cookbook

I love exploring new recipes and cookbooks. The good ideas can come from any where. A popular magazine to an innovative blogger. I recently came across a cookbook that had a variety of recipes from different influences and chefs. The recipes range from easy to make to hard. This cookbook is called O, The Oprah Magazine Cookbook. All the recipes featured are from various chefs that submitted these recipes to Oprah’s magazine. If the sign off from Oprah isn’t enough to convince you to give this cookbook a look, just spend a moment to flip through.

The detailed high resolution photos of the dishes just make your mouth water. So to just see how easy these recipes are to recreate, I choose 3 recipes to test out and put to the test.

The first recipe was a Sage Salmon and Corn Relish with potatoes. It was super yummy but made such a large amount of relish that I had it for a side several times. It was a big hit at dinner. The relish was refreshing and the sage was just enough of a hint that it made the dish interesting.

The second recipe was a Cabbage-Wrapped Salmon. It is very French in it’s flavor profile. I liked the idea of a healthy recipe for one of my favorite fish, Salmon. However, it did not go plan. The fish took way longer to cook and forever to prep. It was very tedious. I still kept my hopes that the work was worth a tasty meal. The meal lacked the punchy flavors I loved. It was very lack luster. I will not be saving this recipe as no one liked it.

The third recipe was a Velvet Soup with Blackened Shrimp.  It was super yummy. The shrimp was a little sugary but will be cutting it back next time I make this dish. It is a relatively easy fix. The soup had a velvety consistency that filled you up and feel warm from your toes to your fingers. I never would have made this recipe on my own but I was inspired. It was easy to make and was eaten by everyone with zealous.

Overall, I say 2 out 3 is a success. I recommend this cookbook if you want to have new recipes to try out. I love the variety presented and can’t wait to try a few more before lending it out to friends and family.

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