Midnight Diner: Dishing Out Life

This fictional show takes place deep in the heart of modern Tokyo. The diner is located off a quiet road from the hustle of city goers heading home with a traditional look on the inside and outside. Here in this little diner made up of a counter bar with stools along the edges. The owner runs the restaurant by making anything his customers ask as long as he has the ingredients. His colorful customers have a variety of dishes that they ask for, and each a different reason why they do it.

Each episode that takes place is around a specific character and their connection to the dish they request from the owner. Each tale is different from the last and shows our connection as people to the food we eat. We have certain foods that make us happy. We have certain foods that remind us of home. The foods we pick for each of these categories, but we all have food that create moments for us.

I also love that the food is in full detail on the screen from the flavors presented, and the techniques used to cook it.¬† It tells a story. A story of human existence on a platter. I don’t know what your platter contains, but I can’t wait to see what is on the platter of the next unique character presented.

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