5 of My Favorite Healthy Snacks

Being healthy is hard. Snacking is one of my biggest down falls. I seem to crave a little something around 2 to help me get through the day. The bag of chips at the vending machine looks all the more tempting and seems to be surrounded by a holy light summoning me closer. However, my snack could really be sweet or salty depending on my mood. So I have decided to pack my healthy goodies in order to beat the afternoon hunger. I also decided to share my healthy favorites for you to try for snacks in your daily pack.

1. Trail Mix: Nuts, dried fruit, and other yummies.

It has every flavor you can want. You can make your own or find a brand you like. I prefer Sahale Snacks, Kirkland’s, or Planters. I just make my own mix by mixing my favorite blends from each.

2. Popcorn

Popcorn helps fill you up. Easy to make by popping it into the microwave. Just make sure it is lightly buttered or not at all. It also needs to be lightly salted for your health.

3. Jerky

Jerky has a ton of protein in it that helps fill you up. Just look on the back to find the nutritional information to get the best variety available by looking at sodium and sugar levels. Some flavorings on the jerky can make it unhealthy.

4. Olives

I love the salty bite of black olives. It is the salt I need without the calories.

5. Hummus and Pita Chips

I love the red pepper hummus with pita chips. It is tasty and filling for when I need a good filler.

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