5 Tips for Surviving Dating Apps: Bumble edition

The good old days of meeting your potential love interest out at the bar has come and gone. (Not that you wanted to meet some of them half the time anyway!) So introducing dating apps to the the modern dating, more specifically, Bumble. Bumble is a dating app where you select pictures, add descriptors of what you are looking for, and then swipe right for yes or left for no. Sounds easy enough right? Well, like the world outside of technology there is good and bad dates. Bad dates suck! Good dates make it worth while. I haven’t found prince charming yet but I am not sure I will one day.

Now the true reason why I have decided to write on Bumble today. I have created rules to avoid the bad dates that I have been on so you can have better success on your first try than me.

Tip #1: Never swipe right on a profile that isn’t completely filled out.

They didn’t spend time to fill out so they aren’t super interested so feel free not to waste your time. Plus, they are more than likely spam.

Tip #2: Feel free to use the openers that are suggested. They have some good ones.

Starting a conversation with hi and something else can be hard. So why not use the cheat they provide?

Tip #3: It is totally ok to swipe left if you have no interest in them. It is just better for everyone.

It is ok if you are totally not interested. Prince charming or your princess is just not them.

Tip #4: If the other party is not putting effort into the conversation, feel free to move on.

The dating is suppose to be fun not painful when it comes to talking.

Tip #5: Meeting in Real Life should be optional if the conditions are right.

Meeting in the reality can be hard and scary. So if you do decide that you do possibly want to meet this person in the real world, make sure you put these conditions in place. First condition: Meet with them in a neutral public location where you drive yourself there and back. Second condition: Tell someone who you are meeting, where, and have them call you 30 minutes into the date in case of bail out. Third condition: no getting drunk or sex. You are just meeting this person no need to reveal everything about yourself or give them access to everything. Plus, drunk is so not cute.

Now get out there! Let your heart race or have fun while exploring the dating scene! Just remember to stick with the tips and you will get more success with your swipes!


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