Believe in Love Language?

February is the time for heart, love, and roses. It has me thinking about the language of love. When I think of love language, it means how do we communicate love with those around us. We each communicate differently with our family, friends, and lovers. However, there is a few things that is the same no matter.

Love should hold no malice. You can have misunderstandings and miscommunication. But love isn’t based on harsh emotions. Love comes from your heart, and your heart is full of warmth. Harsh emotions are not include in the warmth in our hearts.

Love is positive. It gives security and hope so our words reflect that.

Love heals. Love seems to fix all our broken pieces when we share it with each other. Even it is a few words from loved ones then our day gets better.

Love is also communicated in the little touches. The touches of remembering the important details of other’s life. The touch of a human touch warming you from the inside out.

I believe in all the corny clichés in love as unbelievable as that sounds. Maybe it is because deep down I am a romantic, but why not believe in the magic of the ordinary. The magic and language of love that we all share in our world.

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