Andy’s Frozen Custard: Cold Sweet Treat

I love a good ice cream. Andy’s Frozen Custard was a staple that my family had to visit when I was living in Arkansas. I was so happy to find this brand coming to Dallas and opening shops all over the city. They have powerful flavor combinations created from their two signature flavor Vanilla and Chocolate along with their thousand and one toppings. One of my favorite is warmed nuts. It comes on the Turtle Sundae and is a family favorite.

If you think I am the biggest fan, then you haven’t seen Belle at one of their shops. She knows when we pull into the parking lot and makes a mad dash to the counter with her little paws before begging for a cone. At the counter, just ask for a vanilla sample cone or pup cone, and your dog is in for a special treat. Belle got addicted to their cones at an early age. We took her once as a puppy one summer night.  Belle inhales her cone like the cold doesn’t bother her and don’t even think of taking her cone away.

So why not step out for a sweet treat at Andy’s Frozen Custard while you are running errands?

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