5 Ways To Make An Impact At A New Job

The new year is full of new beginnings. For me, the new year brought a new job. This is not my first position in an office or job, but I still had the butterflies in my stomach. I always have butterflies when I start a new job. While speaking with friends and family, I found out that I am not alone in feeling this way. So I decided to give you my 5 ways that I try to make an impact within the first couple of weeks of starting a new job.

Tip #1: Dress To Impress. 

The first two weeks at a job, dress to make an impression. I usually go with outfits that are of nice quality but unique enough to stand out. It can be the color or pattern of a blouse.

Tip #2: Baked Goods For The Office

Baked goods like brownies and cookies are a great way to break the ice in a new office. I usually bring this in after I finish training so I am able to freely talk and pass out treats when getting assignments.

Tip #3: Bring A Pocket Full Of Positivity

Positivity is a powerful weapon that when wielded. It can help break ice and calm butterflies.

Tip #4: Keep On Your Toes.

Push through all the task list with accuracy and efficiency. Go above and beyond. Ask questions if needed but showing effort is most important.

Tip #5: Find Out About Your Co-workers.

Your co-workers are amazing people inside and outside the office. Make sure to ask about their lives and family. They have amazing hobbies and cool weekend plans just like you. You might even share the same hobby.


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